Startup Area #ADD24

The goal of Automotive Dealer Day is to position itself as an accelerator and facilitator of progress and growth, holding firm to the cornerstone that has guided all editions of the event: innovation.

Also for 2024, we want to create a physical space dedicated to new realities entering the automotive world and looking for a place to make their idea known. It will be in a location exclusively dedicated to startups, with facilitated participation conditions and with a limited number of spaces to ensure visibility for all the companies present.

Every year dealers, manufacturers and established industries from the automotive distribution world are present at the event, and #ADD24 can become the place to make contacts and give visibility to innovative realities.

Characteristics for being part of the Startup Area


The reality must be established for a maximum of 5 years


The company must not be the result of a merger / division / disposal of a business unit


The turnover must not exceed 5 million euros


Residence must be in Italy or another country in the European Economic Area


Operational focus must be in the automotive field, particularly in the auto distribution industry

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