The leading European event for the Automotive Ecosystem

The intensity and acceleration of changes around companies, society, and individuals, push us to look for new motivations, new answers, and certainly new questions.
We need what’s new, but also what’s not, provided that it manages to integrate new needs projecting into the future.

This is Automotive Dealer Day, capable in 2003 to debut as an extremely innovative and unique format, in Italy and in Europe, and committed to achieving the goal of its 20 years in 2022, with a series of innovation boosts aimed at empowering the value for the entire community.

May 16th-17th-18th, 2023

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of Automotive Dealer Day!

Ready to work, ready for the regeneration

Business Regeneration is the cornerstone for 2022. The place where you can generate business and exchange experiences and ideas highlights the importance of regeneration, which welcomes the journey made by companies and people, but it carries it in a filter of remix even more demanding.
A new generation of customers, managers, entrepreneurs and companies are driving the path of the automotive ecosystem, which is opening to more and more areas of mobility.

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Automotive Dealer Day puts in play its 20-years’ experience, built with a community of competent and passionate professionals, united by a strong attitude towards innovation. 2022 represents the year in which celebrating an important goal for all the companies and people involved in the event, but mostly continuing the cogeneration process of ideas and experiences, that represents the real added value of this community.


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