Automotive Dealer Day is a must for auto distribution players and the mobility ecosystem in Europe

The automotive Industry operators are the only players that can, or better must, drive the mobility business transformation, In a sustainable perspective. Dealers, manufacturers and providers are meant to be the Mobility Leaders In this phase of change and evolution of the business.

Automotive Dealer Day represents a time and a place where all these players can meet, to look for new motivations, new answers, and certainly new questions, and to generate Innovation and growth boosts for the entire industry.

Registrations are open!

Registrations for Automotive Dealer Day 2023 are open.
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Business Area

Providers of products and services In the automotive distribution industry have the opportunity of sponsoring the event and having a stand in the exhibition area.

Collateral Meetings

Sponsors have the possibility to organize a meeting, in synergy with the Content Program of the event, to meet their networks of clients and prospects.

Startup Area

A space in the expo area of the event is dedicated to the new companies approaching the automotive industry, in a push towards continuous innovation.

Startup Generation Award

Startups in the Business Area can also join a contest that will determine, at the end of the event, the winner.

Gold Sponsor

#ADD23 is Carbon Neutral

Making Automotive Dealer Day sustainable means conceiving, planning and implementing it in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the environment and leaves a positive legacy for the host community.

To do this, Quintegia is working on choosing low-impact and circular solutions wherever possible, establishing best practices for all suppliers, exhibitors and business partners to follow, and calculating the event’s carbon footprint.

Quintegia has also decided to offset the CO2 emissions produced by #ADD23 through the purchase of certified carbon credits to make the event carbon neutral.

#ADD23 Contents

Ecosystem ● Mobility-as-a-service ● Hub ● Dealer ● Agency ● ESG ● Electrification ● Software ● Customization ● Product ● E-commerce ● Services ● Open innovation ● Fleet management ● Brand ● Used car ● AR ● Smart ● Startup ● Cities ● On-board services ● Collaboration ● Parts ● After-sales ● Data ● Sharing ● Metaverse ● Micro-mobility ● 5G ● Autonomous driving ● Rental ● Battery ● Intermodality ● Fintech ● Bike ● Institutions ● Demography ● Insurtech ● Climate change

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Opportunities for ADD23 international attendees

The 2023 edition of Automotive Dealer Day will be more international than ever! Contents, guests, participants and multinational companies will open the borders of the event to new perspectives and different point of views, so as to increase business and networking opportunities.

Join the Community of Automotive Dealer Day

2022 has represented the year in which celebrating the goal of 20 years of event, but mostly enhancing all the people and companies that are part of it, contributing to a cogeneration process of ideas and experiences, that represents the real added value of this community. The 2023 edition will be a further step towards this direction, gathering all the main automotive players to face together this important phase of transition.