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Quintegia, in cooperation with Findomestic Banca, launched the RESET project in 2020, whose objectives are on the one hand to raise dealers’ awareness of ESG (Environmental – environmental, Social – social and Governance – corporate management) issues, and on the other hand to enhance their role as social and economic actors within their communities.
The RESET project aims to trigger a circuit of visibility and mutual stimulus among all the operators in the supply chain, highlighting the positive contribution that the automotive industry brings to society. In fact, RESET presents itself as a unique project of its kind in Italy, whose two fundamental objectives are:


Highlight the initiatives taken and the commitment spent on the community and the area surrounding car dealerships.


Suggest and share more and more sustainability guidelines, evidence and best practices that car dealerships can follow and apply.

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Environmental sustainability in dealerships

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Gender equality: new frontier in auto dealerships

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The new role of car dealerships in the age of sustainability

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Responsibility, sense of enterprise and commitment to the territory

RESET 2023: Environmental sustainability in dealerships

This year’s initiative focuses on the theme Environmental, which aims to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the retail world, offering more practical tips and application inspiration to dealers. Environmental sustainability, a new competitive and investment standard, is increasingly growing in importance globally and in particular in the eyes of the consumer.
Project 2023 bases its quantitative analysis on part of the results of the first ESG criteria mapping of Italian dealers carried out by Quintegia.
The survey on which the initiative is based, will be a compensated survey, that is a zero-impact survey, and thanks to the support of our partner of reference in sustainability, will calculate the CO2 emissions emitted by sending out the emails necessary to collect the survey responses and offset them by purchasing sufficient carbon credits.

RESET 2022: Gender equality in car dealerships

In 2022, the focus was on Governance, which is representative of corporate identity, organization and strategy, and presents a variety of issues, including gender equality.
The rebalancing of male and female components is a particularly topical issue in the traditionally unbalanced context of automotive marketing. It also shows interesting potential in terms of management effectiveness and corporate reputation, particularly with regard to skills and attitudes more typically associated with the female sphere such as listening, empathy, multi-tasking.

Conversations on gender equality in dealerships

The topic of gender equality within dealerships explored through a number of conversations with female figures involved in various prominent roles. Stimuli, perspectives and virtuous contamination of experiences for the evolution of the industry

Nuccia Carbone,
General Manager,
Autocentro Baistrocchi

Rossella Birindelli,
Birindelli Auto

Miriam Loiacono

Flora Bonafini
General Manager

Daniela Iannelli
BDC Manager
Maldarizzi Automotive

Daniela Iannelli
BDC Manager
Maldarizzi Automotive

Gabriella Faraci
BDC & Quality Manager
Spazio Group

Antonella Ceccato
Amministratore Delegato

Monica Spano
Responsabile Marketing
Cascioli Group

RESET 2021: The new role of car dealerships in the age of sustainability

In 2021, the focus was on the general topic of ESG criteria, environmental, social and corporate governance impacts, together with the classification of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) identified by the ONU.
As a result, an actual guide was developed for dealerships interested in integrating environmental, social and governance sustainability aspects into their business in order to increase strategic awareness, overview and insights for initiatives to be implemented.

RESET 2020: Responsibility, sense of enterprise and commitment to the territory

In 2020, the focus was placed on the Social theme, highlighting an initial survey of the social role of the concessionaires towards society, highlighting a broad spectrum of activities in which they are involved.
As expected, a significant part of the efforts concerned fronts related to the Covid-19 health emergency.