The automotive industry at the forefront of sustainability

Quintegia, in collaboration with Findomestic Banca, launched the RESET project in 2020, whose objectives are on one side to raise awareness among dealers on issues related to ESG components (Environmental, Social, Governance), and on the other to enhance their role as social and economic actors within communities.

The RESET project aims to trigger a circuit of visibility and mutual stimulus among all players in the industry, highlighting the positive contribution that the automotive sector brings to society. In fact, RESET presents itself as a unique project of its kind in Italy, whose two fundamental objectives are:

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Highlight the initiatives taken and the commitment spent on the community and the area surrounding car dealerships.

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Suggest and share more and more sustainability guidelines, evidence and best practices that car dealerships can follow and apply.

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RESET 2024:

Corporate welfare and well-being

In 2024, RESET focuses attention on the Social aspect of ESG criteria, in particular, on the importance of welfare policies and well-being in the company. Changing social, economic, and organizational dynamics, as well as growing expectations from employees towards companies, have made these factors increasingly important in corporate strategies.

The goal of RESET 2024 is to raise awareness among employers on the importance of implementing these policies in dealerships, spreading the value of the benefits these actions bring to employees but also to the company’s long-term performance.

The project consists of a quantitative component derived from the results of the analysis conducted by Quintegia’s observatory on Italian dealerships, alongside a qualitative in-depth study that includes active research, case studies and interviews with automotive industry players. The project will be presented in the opening session of Automotive Dealer Day 2024.

RESET’s Journey


Conversations on gender equality in dealerships

The topic of gender equality within dealerships explored through a number of conversations with female figures involved in various prominent roles. Stimuli, perspectives and virtuous contamination of experiences for the evolution of the industry