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To attend the upcoming May 14th-15th-16th Automotive Dealer Day 2024 as a journalist, it is necessary to submit a request by filling out a form.

Once the request has been reviewed and approved by Quintegia, an invitation will be sent to proceed with registration for the event. To receive accreditation, it will be necessary to complete registration through the Automotive Dealer Day registration system.

Quintegia reserves the right to verify the data provided and authorize or deny accreditation. The Journalist ID must be valid and the applicant must indicate at least one publication (online or offline) on which he/she regularly publishes. The outcome of the verification will arrive in a few days.

Accreditation is not granted in any way to representatives of advertising agencies, public relations, marketing or advertising concessionaires, or industry companies in the supply chain who can gain access for a fee.

However, Quintegia reserves the right to conduct further investigations to determine the applicant’s actual journalistic activity, as well as the right to limit accreditation or revoke it altogether.

Quintegia, at its discretion, may determine how many accreditations to grant to each media outlet.

Accreditation is issued to enable journalistic coverage of the event.

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