Independent meeting, updating and networking space

In 2023 Automotive Dealer Day reached the threshold of its 21th edition, maturing to a pivotal B2B event for the industry and an essential meeting space for all operators. The event is built on three fundamental pillars that allow participants to live a complete experience: get up-to-date on new market trends and delve into the consequences they will have on the automotive world, by participating in the sessions in the Program; discover innovative products and services with which to improve processes within their companies, by visiting the stands in the Business Area; and experience even informal networking moments to solidify or expand their business relationships, by participating in the meetings.

Programma contenuti

Program Contents


Business insights and innovation

A schedule of sessions during which the many scheduled speakers will discuss the major challenges facing the auto industry but not only.

Area Business

Business Area


Services, products and solutions

An exhibition area in which to find the industry’s leading companies active in the main areas of operation: digital, after-sales, used, and financial, insurance, and warranty services.


Synergies and Networking


Meeting and update

Spaces to meet attendees to continue networking, but also many meetings organized in synergy by automakers, sponsoring companies and dealer associations.

The figures of the 2023 edition











The organizing company

Innovation via Research, Competences and Networking

Quintegia has been a point of reference since 2003 for the automotive industry, carrying out a series of activities for the main actors of the distribution chain (carmakers, dealers and providers).
The ability to supply data and perspectives, to create and organize events and develop services, to design ad hoc activities integrates a relentless attention to technology and people as key enabling drivers for innovation.
With a renewed headquarter lying on the river shores, today counts a 24-people Team highly experienced in this field working in four different business units.


Retail Channels

Study and specific knowledge of the automotive distribution models, including surveys on the dealers’ satisfaction level and network assessments. Research on new retail formats and focus on the evolution of EVs and new mobility formulas, with advisory and training activities.

Tech / Digital

Supporting the growth of skills and performances of dealership networks on issues related to digital transformation through analysis, training and coaching. Specific know-how on topics related to Artificial Intelligence and offer of cutting-edge services.


Analysis and research on automotive consumer behaviors and attitudes to provide strategic and operational guidance on building the customer journey, taking into account soft and hard aspects with a data-driven approach.


Measuring the level of sustainability of dealership networks and planning of specific activities to raise the awareness at all company levels. Advisoring on ESG compliance activities, including the preparation of the sustainability report.


Activities to upgrade and empower the skills of human resources in the automotive industry, including the offer of research and recruitment services to identify new professional profiles for the dealerships; activities of induction, training, reskilling and retention.