Automotive Digital Marketing Award is the initiative carried out by Autoscout24 in collaboration with Quintegia that aims to recognize and reward the best managers running marketing and communication activities in dealers and retailers.

The project has the objective of focusing attention on the strategic importance of marketing and communication activities, while at the same time aiming to recognize and enhance the individual figures who manage these areas and stand out for their skills, performance, innovation and aspirations.

Why participate

Take the opportunity to be recognized as the best automotive marketing and communications manager

For several years, with the Internet Sales Award project we have awarded the best initiatives in the digital field proposed by dealers and retailers, providing a comprehensive overview of stimuli for the entire industry.

The decision to evolve this initiative into Automotive Digital Marketing Award stems from the desire to turn the spotlight on people and their skills, the real added value in the creation of new strategies and innovative projects.

There are many opportunities for managers who decide to apply, including:

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    Get noticed by focusing on one’s professional strengths
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    Demonstrate the value of one’s vision and ambition
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    Connect with a community of experienced managers in marketing and communications activities
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    Share best practices, developing new ideas and strategies

How to participate

Applications are CLOSED

The winner will be announced and awarded on May 16th, 2024, in one of the main moments of the Automotive Dealer Day content program.


The selection mechanism for the final winner consists of two stages involving two different juries



The first phase of selection and shortlisting of applications is entrusted to the peer jury, composed of all applicants. Each attending manager will then be asked to take part in this evaluation phase as well, consulting all the materials provided by the other candidates.



The second stage, on the other hand, involves the jury of selected experts who stand out for their expertise, experience and objectivity. The jury members will evaluate only the five finalists selected from each category in the previous stage and determine the final winners.

Gioia Manetti

SVP, CEO AutoScout24 Spa
CEO, AUTOproff Italy

Simone Freddi

Director, Engage

Tommaso Bortolomiol

CEO, Quintegia

Valentina Turchetti

Content Marketing Lead, Author, Speaker