The Event where the Automotive Retail Intersects with the Mobility Business and Ecosystem

The history of Automotive Dealer Day is based on 21 years of study and deep knowledge of the automotive distribution and its different stages of evolution. Today, the automotive world is moving towards a broader mobility ecosystem that calls the players involved to find new business spaces and expand the profit pool, following the principles of complementarity and compatibility. The event is the meeting point for all mobility players interested in understanding the evolution of distribution dynamics and the future of business.

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New spaces and new opportunities for the mobility industry

3 days of strategic importance where one can find the top Italian dealers, the management of the main car manufacturers and companies in the supply chain, as well as decision makers and operators from the national and foreign press. Participating as a sponsor at Automotive Dealer Day means maximizing the business opportunities that this occasion can offer, which will be even more enhanced in 2024 thanks to the relocation into new exhibition spaces and to the increasing internationalization of the event.

The House of Mobility opens on May 14th, 2024

A journey that starts from cars and ends up intertwining with new worlds and different ways of experiencing mobility, which is increasingly connected and intermodal: this is what you can find in the new Automotive Dealer Day House.

The International Community of Mobility Professionals

The ensemble of managers, entrepreneurs and professionals who gather every year for 3 days in Verona represents one of the key assets of Automotive Dealer Day. It is a qualified and increasingly international community, within which multi-directional networking dynamics develop between: dealers representing different brands, dealers and OEMs, supply chain companies and dealers or carmakers, consultants and specialists, and so on. A B2B context in which to expand one’s knowledge and develop or consolidate business relationships, taking full advantage of all the potential offered by this new mobility ecosystem.


Automotive Dealer Day

is a Carbon Neutral event

In 2023 for the first time in its history Quintegia has decided to embark on a journey to make the event sustainable so as to contribute to the global effort to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

This represents just the beginning of a long journey that will continue through the support of the event community, which is increasingly attentive and sensitive to these issues;

''Impresa per i Bambini''

Automotive Dealer Day has chosen to support the activities of Save the Children, the International Organization that has been fighting for over 100 years to save the children at risk and ensure them a future, by joining the Enterprise for Children Program through a donation, aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of minors in Italy and in every part of the world, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Childhood.